Helix360° Tour

An innovative and effective approach to multifamily marketing.

What is a Helix tour?

A Helix Tour is the most powerful and versatile multifamily marketing tool ever created. Engage your prospects with a one-of-a-kind online tour experience tailored to showcase your community’s floor plans, amenities, and local attractions. Your Branded Helix Tour can seamlessly integrate to all aspects of your community’s marketing efforts and is expertly crafted to drive organic traffic and boost SEO.

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What makes a Helix Tour amazing.

100% customizable

We believe your virtual tour should be as amazing and unique as your community. Unlike other virtual tours, a Helix Tour is 100% customizable.


Custom Menu Screens

Let your prospects take the wheel and choose where to drive their virtual tour. Our beautiful custom menu screens make it simple and easy to navigate your Helix Tour.


User Friendly Navigation

Simple and easy navigation is key to boosting user engagement. Helix Tours offer the highest average session duration and pages per session in the industry.


Floor Plans & Maps

Include Floor Plans and Maps in your Helix Tour to make it easy to navigate.


Live Availability

Seamlessly integrate and showcase your live availability within your Helix Tour to instantly convert leads.

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Our robust platform and custom layouts allow us to include a magnitude of traditional media content inside your Helix Tour. These files can include images, videos, PDFs, logos, blog post, news articles, and much more.


Voice Narration

Add voice narration to provide details and insight directly to your prospects. Voice narration can be added to the entire Helix Tour, specific scenes, or even specific objects within the tour.


Background Music

Entertain your prospects with relaxing and enjoyable background music.

Local Attractions

Local attractions is a powerful feature that allows your prospects to fly around your city through our collection 360° aerial panoramas. Show relativity to landmarks, highways, entertainment districts, shopping centers, sporting events and more with stunning images that keep users engaged for insanely long average session durations.


We will include our collection of 360° aerials in your tour's local attractions, but for a small additional fee, we will take some original content for your Helix Tour alone.

3D Interactive Floor Plans

Make your Helix Tour even more interactive with our state-of-the-art 3D interactive floor plan feature. This features allows your prospective tenants to look through and drag & drop furniture their future unit in a 3D model built entirely to scale, down to the square inch. Our 3D platform includes hundreds of 3D scale model furniture, decor, and more that your prospects will absolutely love to play with.

Analytics Reporting

Our #1 goal is to ensure ROI for our clients.

Helix Tours take reporting to a new level with in-depth online analytics portals that are available to view 24/7, 365 days a year. Our online analytics portals give you the ability to see real-time tour usage reports, select date ranges to track progress overtime, geographical location data, top preforming traffic sources and much more. Our individual Community Reports provide in-depth detailed data on a specific Helix Tour. We also provide Regional/Marketing Manager Reports that give details on multiple Helix Tours. Every portal is 100% customizable and can be tailored to your personal preferences or goals.

Where we integrate.

Maximize exposure through multiple channels.

Accessing your Helix Tour is simple, easy and convenient. We have both on-line and off-line viewing options to ensure you never miss an opportunity to show a prospect. Every Helix Tour is entirely web-based, so neither you nor your prospects have to download apps, simply click and view. Ensure the highest ROI by utilizing your Helix Tour URL across a variety of mediums and platforms including community website, social media, ILS, email marketing, and text message.



On-Line Viewing.

The James Desktop

Embed on Community's Website.

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Link out on Community's website.

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Outreach Marketing.

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Internet Listing Services.

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Post Helix Tour on Social Media Accounts.


Include in your E-mail Marketing.

Off-Line Viewing.


Install Helix Tour on in-house tablets.

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Install Helix Tour on in-house Touch Kiosk.